Community Voting To Change “Offensive” Name

  Mornington Peninsula Shire decided to rename the reserve after “community feedback has indicated that the name Blacks Camp is a derogatory term that is inappropriate and offensive to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, creating a barrier for people of that heritage to access the education precinct” The shire has agreed, with the … Read more

Call for Scott Morrison to Buy Aboriginal Flag

Indigenous advocate and former politician Warren Mundine called on the federal government to purchase the Aboriginal flag’s copyright after this week’s rejection of its use for the AFL Indigenous. Talking to 2 GB on Thursday, Mr Mundine said the flag would be handled like Anzac, where a copyright is in effect and anyone wishing to … Read more

COVID Doing More Damage Than the Virus Itself, Particularly to the Lives of Young People

The vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne says Australia’s “lockdown mindset” in response to COVID-19 risks doing more damage than the virus itself, particularly to young people’s lives. Professor Duncan Maskell, an infectious disease expert and head of Australia ‘s richest university, said Australia had to move beyond the lockdown phase of its response or … Read more

Peter Dutton: “No Sense” To Keep Borders Closed

Peter Dutton has called for relaxation of state border closures, claiming that they are not based on medical advice but on political bureaucracy. The Federal Minister for Home Affairs appeared on Today saying it made “no sense” to keep borders closed along state lines. “It’s driven by politics at the moment which I just think … Read more