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Sydney Burns Survivor Sophie Delezio Celebrates Her 21st

Sophie Delezio captured the hearts of the nation when she was gravely injured after becoming trapped under a blazing automobile that crashed through the glass of her Sydney daycare centre when she was just two years old.

Sophie lost both feet, a hand, and her right ear after 85% of her body was burned, and she spent months in the hospital recovering.

Sophie was in a pram being pushed by her nanny when they were struck by a car while on a pedestrian crossing just two and a half years after the daycare disaster, launching the then five-year-old more than 18 metres into the air.

Sophie was extremely fortunate to survive after suffering a heart attack and other injuries, including a shattered jaw.

Sophie, however, not only recovered from her injuries in time to return to school two months later, but she also went on to complete her studies, eventually becoming a regular columnist for Body & Soul magazine. She is currently vacationing in Europe with her boyfriend Joseph, where she recently celebrated her 21st birthday.

The couple appeared on The Morning Show to chat about their travels and Sophie’s 21st birthday celebration.

“It was my friend’s birthday the day before so we were already out and then it just merged into mine.

“Joseph planned a wonderful day where we went out. His family got me a high tea, and we went to this cool art gallery (where they had) all the Harry Potter designs, and then we had a lovely dinner out together so it was very nice,” she said.

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