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Mafs Olivia Says She’s ‘At Rock Bottom’ Amid Backlash

Olivia Frazer has spoken out about the severe public response she received after being assigned as the season’s villain, revealing she felt “blindsided” by producers when the show premiered.

The former teaching assistant has mainly stayed out of the spotlight as the controversy around her behaviour on the controversial reality programme has grown deafening in recent weeks, mostly keeping conspicuously absent as her castmates hit the publicity route.

Frazer, 28, has finally opened up about her experience on the show in a new interview with Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, and how she is surviving amid possibly the most intense response ever experienced by a MAFS contestant.

“I’m at the point now where I’m trying to get up off the floor … I’m at rock bottom, and I’m trying to get up,” she told podcast host Mia Freedman.

“And every time someone messages one of my loved ones something awful, I feel like I’m getting kicked back down. I’ve had death threats sent to my personal phone number … and I’ve had many on Facebook.

“It’s not just the show – if it was just the show, we could all just laugh and say, ‘Yeah that’s not Liv’s character, that’s a different story,’ but it’s the public believing it … it’s just the shock.”

Frazer, who previously worked as a driving instructor, claimed that because of her previous job, many people knew her phone number, which exacerbated the trolling.

“Not just kids I used to teach, but parents [messaged me] to call me a pig, a delusional t**t … I think that was the breaking point, when I started getting texts to my phone, because I’d removed myself from online,” she said.

“That was really, really breaking point – people that I know, saying I’m disgusting, and they’re mortified they let me teach their kids to drive.”

Throughout the wide-ranging interview, Frazer revealed for the first time that she was unable to talk during filming and trembled with “awful, guttural sobs.”

Frazer was chastised by the show’s three relationship experts during the commitment ceremony for allegedly sharing a nude photo of fellow “bride” Domenica Calarco, which had originally been shared to her private OnlyFans account.

Despite the tension with their castmates leading up to the commitment ceremony, Frazer stated she and “husband” Jackson Lonie were in a good position in their relationship – but that the producers had “manipulated” them by asking the experts to point out that they appeared “miserable.”

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