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MAFS’ Ella Exposes Tamara for Secretly Messaging Her Husband Mitch During Filming

Even though the final vows have been said, the craziness of Married At First Sight is far from ended.

Ella Ding has finally cleared the air after weeks of rumours that Tamara Djordjevic and Mitch Eynaud had hooked up since the programme ended.

Ella said Tamara and Mitch had intimate contact while filming while appearing on the Mike E & Emma radio show the morning after her last vows aired.

“She did reach out before final vows. She wanted to grab dinner with him and Sam [Moitzi] and another mutual friend that they had, a guy,” she revealed.

“Mitch did tell me and he told Brent [Vitiello], but the intentions behind it are all pretty grey to be honest.”

Ella stated that she did not approach Tamara about the text and added, “To be honest, Tamara and I didn’t talk much.

In the experiment, she did a couple things that didn’t make it to TV.

Mitch and I had a little squabble because of her.”

The 27-year-old also revealed a horrific occurrence that occurred at the couples’ retreat and was later discovered on the editing room floor.

“At the retreat, it was the final dinner get together and we were all having a drink and stuff and by the end of the evening she’s like: ‘Ella and Mitch you guys haven’t had any drama this whole retreat, what about if I said that Mitchell grabbed my a– in the pool today when you weren’t around’,” Ella said.

Ella said Mitch denied “grabbing Tamara’s a—,” but it’s likely the 29-year-old was trying to get a reaction.

Ella also acknowledged that it occurred to her that Tamara may have persisted in the experiment for so long in order to gain a deeper relationship with Mitch.

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