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Johnny Ruffo Makes an Emotional Return to Dancing With the Stars Amid Cancer Battle

Johnny Ruffo, a former DWTS champion, appeared as a guest on the final of Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars and shared some exciting news.

Johnny revealed that his brain tumour is stable and that “everything is great” before doing his show-stopping dance.

In 2017, the musician and former star of Home and Away was diagnosed with brain cancer.

He had surgery and treatment, but in late 2020, he reported that the cancer had returned, and he was facing a fresh battle.

Johnny’s treatment is still ongoing, but he gave an update on his status on DTWS on Sunday.

“Great news, the tumour in the right frontal lobe and the brain stem is all stable, everything is great,” he said.

During his DTWS appearance, Johnny also discussed the surgery he underwent following his original diagnosis in 2017.

“They said there’s a 20 per cent chance I might die from the operation, but if I didn’t have the operation there was a 100 per cent chance I’d die,” the 34 year old said.

“So, it’s not really much of a choice. I did have to have it.”

Johnny added about his upcoming performance on DWTS: “And now I’m lucky enough to have been invited back as a special guest on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars.

“I’m really glad to be back performing, I just want to dance again,” he added.

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