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Almost Five Million Australians Eligible for Fourth Covid Jab

From today, millions of the country’s most vulnerable people will be eligible for a fourth COVID vaccination.

As winter approaches, Australians aged 65 and over, Indigenous people over 50, the immunocompromised, and residents of disability care facilities are being advised to receive the vaccine.

Fewer than 200,000 Australians are likely to meet eligibility conditions at the start of the rollout, out of a total population of 4.7 million.

For those who received their first booster dose four months ago, the second dose is now accessible.

In Western Australia, where the first large outbreak is still ongoing, one out of every five PCR tests is positive.

Meanwhile, specialists have warned of a’super flu,’ with influenza cases expected to climb this winter, leading to a significant increase in hospital admissions.

Four months following the initial booster shot, people can get a second one.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee predicts an infection peak in numerous states around mid-April.

The council, which is made up of chief health officers from across the country, is considering recommending that Covid-19 close contacts be released from quarantine.

It claims that isolation could be substituted by frequent quick antigen testing, wearing a mask outside the house, and restricting close contacts’ access to high-risk environments.

Because of Covid lockdown, Australia has avoided a devastating flu season over the past two years.

Influenza instances are expected to grow now that limitations have been loosened, according to experts.

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