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Queensland Woman Caught in Fire Wakes From Coma to Find She Has a Baby Boy

A Queensland woman who was seriously injured in a caravan fire has awakened, meeting her baby for the first time and discovering that her spouse died attempting to save her.

On the night of March 22, the home of pregnant 20-year-old Tomeka Willis and Blake Whell, 22, at a mobile park in Logan, south of Brisbane, caught fire.

As the flames engulfed their home, Mr Whell dove to defend his pregnant partner from the fire, receiving burns to 95% of his body.


Due to the severity of their injuries, both Mr Whell and Ms Willis were put into an induced coma, but Mr Whell died in hospital that night when his father decided to switch off his life support.

The next day, Ms Willis gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Christine Willis, her mother, recalled what happened when her daughter awoke.

“It was like heavenly father thank you, my baby’s awake, I could not get there quick enough to see her,” Christine Willis said.
“She went ‘Mum, where’s Blakey?’ and she said ‘I know there was an explosion.’
“I explained to her ‘Yes baby, you were in a bad fire but you’ve got a beautiful baby boy that’s ready to meet his mummy’ and she cried at the photos I had.”
Investigators investigating the ashes of the caravan suspect the fire was ignited by an e-scooter battery.
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