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Unsuspecting Aussie Terrified By Deadly Snake While Working From Home

Consider this scenario: you’re working from home, it’s a beautiful day, and you decide to shift your office outside.

Unbeknownst to you, a large brown snake slithers across the decking to rest beneath your feet – and then scares the very daylights out of you.

This was the reality for one man, as depicted in a video posted to Reddit with the title “A usual day in Oz.”

The man can be seen working at an outside table as a giant snake – which appears to be a deadly eastern brown – moves from the garden onto the deck in the horrifying clip.

The man is completely ignorant of the snake’s presence until it is directly between his feet, at which point he skids back in his rolling chair as the snake quickly crawls away to the opposite side of the table.

The video, which was released earlier this morning, has already had nearly 2000 views, with users expressing their displeasure in the comments section, with one person saying, “that sh*t’s f**ked.”


“Nothing to worry about here at all; the chair is leather and your sh*t just wipes straight off,” joked one.


“A good day to be wearing brown pants!” said another.


“Last weekend a snake and I scared each other. I was peeing in a field and a brown snake popped out of the grass where I was peeing and looked at me. I swear he looked upset,” one man wrote.


“I jumped a metre back and he popped his head back in the grass. I’m proud to say I finished taking a leak, just like this dude I think the true Aussie reaction is ‘welp, that was a snake all right’.”

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