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‘I don’t want any more’ – Karl Stefanovic snaps about vaccination messages

Karl Stefanovic, co-host of the Today show, has raised eyebrows by opting out of the flu shot this year.

During an interview with infectious disease expert Nick Coatsworth on Thursday morning’s Today show, the polarising remarks were made.

Stefanovic told a national audience, “I know it’s irresponsible and I shouldn’t be saying that, but I don’t want any more.”

“You know better than that,” stand-in co-host Sarah Abo tried to salvage the segment.
After this segment, we’ll schedule Karl’s flu shot.”

To protect against seasonal flu infection, all Australians over the age of six months should have a flu vaccine once a year.

Dr. Coatsworth gently reacted to the remarks, implying that Stefanovic is not alone in his dissatisfaction with vaccination messages.

“That’s a viewpoint individuals will have,” he added, “that they’ve had so much health information that they just want to turn off for a bit.”

The message from the healthcare professional, who reminded the audience of the breakfast show that immunizations were safe and effective, remained apparent.

“It’s an effective vaccine, and if we all receive our flu shots this year, it will have an influence on the population,” Dr. Coatsworth said.

Stefanovic’s remarks should come as no surprise to viewers of the Today show, given the host became enraged during another piece last month about booster immunizations for international visitors.

“Isn’t it up to personal responsibility and personal choice to some point?’ Stefanovic demanded of the infectious disease expert Robert Booy, who was being interviewed for the segment.

“Do we have to mandate everything? Are we going to mandate every vaccination now that is required?”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bram

    11 March 2022 at 11:57 pm

    Karl is not as dumb as he looks… Personnel responsibility is where it should be…no coercion,no misinformation ,no fear campaign …

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