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Ukrainian Captors Film Russian Pilots as They Beg for Mercy After Being Shot Down

After ejecting from their planes, Russian pilots were held by military and civilians, resulting in the blazing wreckage of their planes and the horrified expressions of Putin’s pilots.

The pilots were seen tied up behind their backs with their hands behind their backs, some of them bloodied from their desperate attempts to flee.

It comes as Ukraine said today that since Putin’s invasion two weeks ago, it has killed 11,000 Russian forces.

With 11 days having passed since the initial onslaught, Putin has lost almost 1,000 men every single day.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are thought to have died as a result of Russian airstrikes across Ukraine.

Two pilots were videotaped being interrogated in the back of a truck, with their kidnappers yelling, “You are killing our people, you b*****d.”

The pilot claimed he was just “directed to fly” and was on a rescue mission.

A Russian pilot with blood on his chest says he was “not told anything” about his mission in another video.

“Were you blind?” one man rages, as the troops claim to have bombing run charts from his jet.

“You were going to bomb civilians,” his captors remark, and “how many bombing flights did you perform?” they ask.

Russia’s invasion has been met with fierce opposition and has been marred by embarrassing logistical blunders and supply issues.

Putin’s planes, despite having one of the world’s largest air forces, appear incapable of securing air superiority over Ukraine.

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