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Pete Evans Is Being Criticized for Incorrectly Linking Covid Vaccines to Shane Warne’s Death

Anti-vax trolls have jumped on board to peddle wild conspiracy theories after controversial chef Pete Evans alleged cricket legend Shane Warne’s death was linked to the Covid vaccine.

During a public Zoom chat, the former My Kitchen Rules host spoke about the 52-year-old circket great’s tragic death of a suspected heart attack, according to footage shared online.

“Shane Warne was an amazing cricket player for sure … (it’s) sad,” Evans said, allegedly during the public call.

“Who knows what the reasons behind this are and I can’t comment on it.”

Evans leapt at the occasion to push his wacky ideas on health and the Covid vaccine, while saying he couldn’t comment on the cricket legend’s death.

“However, so many doctors I’ve interviewed have been screaming for the last year-and-a-half, saying the vaccines are going to cause death like we’ve never seen across the planet,” Evans said.

“And they’re all predicting we’re not going to see the outcomes of this — or the real side effects — for the next three to five years. We’re witnessing it happening with athletes on field and there’s a reason behind that.”

Following the famous chef’s remarks, anti-vaxxers have seized the chance to promote bizarre ideas linking the Covid-19 vaccine to the sport star’s death, citing fellow Australian cricket legend Rod Marsh, who died on Friday after suffering a heart attack.

“Both dead within one day of each other Shane’s last tweet was about Rod Marsh’s death. Vaccine injury or coincidence?” one person tweeted.

“You really have to wonder if the vaccines killed Rod Marsh and Shane Warne, and if you dismiss it more fool you,” wrote another.

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