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‘Hero’ Ukraine Peace Negotiator Shot Dead Amid Claims He Was Double Agent

Denis Kireev, 45, a spy and former banker, was slain during an operation “defending the nation,” according to Kyiv officials.

After MPs claimed he committed “treason” and was executed by the Ukrainian intelligence agency, the administration praised him as a hero.

Both Russian and Ukrainian reports said that he was involved in espionage and that he may have worked for both sides.

Mr Kireev was not among Ukraine’s formal delegation to last week’s peace talks with Russia.

On the other hand, at the first session of discussions on February 28, he was photographed sitting on the Ukrainian side of the table.

It was unclear what role he played at the conference.

Mr Kireev was found dead in a pool of blood in gruesome photos that surfaced online yesterday.

According to unconfirmed claims, he was “actually executed” in the heart of Kyiv.

Rumours immediately spread that Mr Kireev was executed by Ukraine because he was spying for Putin’s war machine.

Russia stated that he was shot by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) during an arrest attempt.

In Kyiv, senior Ukrainian officials were among those who claimed Mr Kireev died in SBU custody.

Last night, Ukraine’s defence ministry acknowledged his death in an homage to three “spies,” but did not say how they died.

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