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Extreme Liquid Diets Like the One Shane Warne Was on ‘Can Increase Risk of Heart Attack’

Shane Warne’s rigors dieting to reduce weight quickly has been related to a higher risk of heart attack in people who already have heart problems, according to a health specialist.

Warne, who died of a suspected heart attack on Friday in the Thai beach town of Koh Samui, announced six days ago on Instagram that “operation shred has begun.”

Warne has a history of gaining and losing weight, and he has previously credited his weight loss to “traditional Chinese medicine.”
His son said that his father went on “30-day fasting tea diets,” while his manager, James Erskine, revealed on Sunday that the cricketing legend had just completed a “crazy” 14-day liquid crash diet.

Mr Erskine said on Nine’s Today that he “had just ended one where he basically only ate fluids for 14 days, and he’d done this three to four times.”
According to local authorities, Warne had recently consulted a doctor about his heart and had been experiencing chest pain and sweating in the week preceding up to his death.

There is no proof that Warne’s diet played a role in his death at the age of 52.
Warne had been a heavy smoker his entire life and had lately been diagnosed with COVID-19.

However, according to Professor Garry Jennings, the Heart Foundation’s top medical adviser, very low calorie diets can place extra burden on the heart in certain conditions.

“Mostly, these risks are on top of an underlying heart problem — they don’t come out of the blue. I doubt they could cause a heart problem just by themselves,” Professor Jennings said.

“Basically, if your metabolism, your handling of fluids, salt and other electrolytes gets completely out of whack, if you have a small heart attack, you’re more likely for that to turn into something serious with a rhythm disorder.”

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