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Australian Paedophiles Could Be Named and Shamed in Public Child Sex Offender Registry

If Labor wins the next election in South Australia, he has promised to create a public child sex offender registry.

Peter Malinauskas, the leader of the opposition, has promised to enact a series of legislative revisions aimed at protecting children if he wins the next election.

Child sex offenders would be listed on a public registry, and killers who hide their victim’s body might face an additional 15 years in prison.

Child sex offenders who do not comply with their reporting obligations would be publicly named under Labor’s proposed scheme.

Police would also be able to provide information to parents about those with whom their child had regular contact.

The planned registry is based on the successful public sex offender registration approach used in Western Australia.

In addition, Labor guaranteed indefinite incarceration for serious child sex abusers.

Serious child sex offenders would be held in custody until they could prove they were no longer a threat to children, according to the proposed legislation.

Once they were released from custody, they would be tracked using a GPS ankle monitor.

The regulations would also address a loophole that permitted the importation of childish sex dolls and their owners to get sentence reductions and bail after being arrested.

Killers who hide their victim’s body could face an additional 15 years in prison on top of their murder or manslaughter sentence.

Mr Malinauskas stated that the additional jail time was beneficial to mourning loved ones who had suffered a second loss since it offered an incentive to tell where remains were located.

‘Concealing a victim’s body adds to the victim’s loved ones’ grief, suffering, and uncertainty,’ he told Adelaide Now.

Geoffrey Adams, who hid his wife’s body for 45 years, prompted the proposal.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Me

    7 March 2022 at 8:28 am

    You the labor party will be on the list as you are a party to the crime. Know so you are also guilty of the crime by covering it up .it’s called guilty by association .no need to infer righteousness by blackmail in if you vote us i we will release the list now and show approval of your stance I will not vote for you bunch of slimes kiddie fiddlers>

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