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Stolen Generation: Aboriginals ripped from families in the will be given $100,000 each

The state government’s new reparations system is projected to pay money to some 1200 Victorian survivors of the stolen generation.

Aboriginal Victorians who were separated from their families before 1977 would be eligible for $100,000 compensation under a $155 million package announced on Thursday.

Survivors will also get a personal apology from the government and will be able to participate in healing and family reunion initiatives.


Around 1200 people are likely to be eligible for the redress system, which will begin accepting applications on March 31.

Applications will be evaluated beginning in June, with payments beginning later this year.

The Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee, according to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, devised the package with and for Aboriginal people.

The Victorian First Peoples’ Assembly, which represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Treaty process, has applauded the redress system.

‘The damage inflicted on our people when government authorities ripped families apart and stole our children runs across generations and the disadvantage it caused is ongoing,’ Assembly Co-Chair and Bangerang and Wiradjuri Elder Aunty Geraldine Atkinson said.

‘I don’t believe there is anything that can heal that trauma or ever repay that loss, but the package announced today will go some way to helping people address the disadvantage caused by the inhumane practices our people have been subjected to.’

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ernest Brauer

    4 March 2022 at 5:57 am

    Most of those children would be deceased now. Many of were stolen into a much better life 70
    T0 100 years ago. Best off luck to them. Ernbrauer

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