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Sacked Jetstar pilot charged with murdering missing camper couple SUES the airline for ‘unfair dismissal’

A former Jetstar pilot accused of murdering two elderly campers in Victoria is suing his former company, claiming he was fired unfairly.

Greg Lynn, 55, has been incarcerated since being accused with the murders of Russell Hill and Carol Clay in November 2021.

The pilot was fired almost immediately by Jetstar, who informed him in a letter dated January 7 that his job would be terminated.

The letter stated, ‘Your present circumstances clearly prevent you from performing your role of narrow body captain.’

John Berger, the secretary of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), has accused Jetstar of being “harsh, unjust, and unreasonable” in their decision.

Greg Lynn, 55, a former Jetstar pilot who was charged with murdering two elderly campers in Victoria, will suing the airline on claims he was fired unfairly.

Greg Lynn, 55, has been incarcerated since being charged with the deaths of elderly campers Russell Hill (right) and Carol Clay in November 2021. (left)

The union boss responded on January 20 that the accused double-dismissal murderer’s was not appropriate to his circumstances.

The letter stated, “The union claims that procedural fairness was not maintained because the decision to terminate Captain Lynn’s employment is disproportionate to the circumstances in which he finds himself.”

‘While Captain Lynn has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing, he has informed Jetstar that he is on remand and will be unable to work.’

‘Captain Lynn has not been convicted of any crime.’

Jetstar has replied to the allegations, denying that Lynn was treated improperly.

According to a spokeswoman, it is evident that the former pilot is on remand pending trial and hence unable to execute his tasks for an extended length of time.

‘Jetstar disputes the TWU’s accusations that the response is disproportionate and procedurally unjust, and will fight the TWU’s claim of wrongful dismissal.’

All TWU members are entitled to representation in industrial disputes, according to a TWU spokeswoman.

She stated, ‘The TWU is not involved in this criminal justice situation.’

‘Consistent with regular practice, the union has provided support to this member for a Fair Work conciliation.’

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