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A Female Chimpanzee That Was One of the Planet’s Oldest Dies at an Australian Zoo

At Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, the oldest chimpanzee in the southern hemisphere has died.

Spitter, the chimp community’s matriarch, was humanely euthanized after having an urgent medical condition, according to a Taronga Zoo official.

Spitter was one of the zoo’s first chimps, as well as the first to be mothered.

She turned 61 last year.

“Up until recently, Spitter was still strong of mind and body and remained an integral member of our chimpanzee community, but sadly after suffering an acute medical issue, the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanise her,”a Taronga Zoo spokesman posted on the zoo’s Facebook page.

“Spitter bore witness to some significant changes over the years, changes in her community, its structures, changes to where she has lived as well as the staff who have cared for her.

“Spitter lived a full life and witnessed an array of changes in her 61 years on this earth, reaching an age only a few chimpanzees have reached anywhere in the world.”

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