McDonald’s plan to make its drive-thrus faster

To support consumers, of course, but also in hopes of getting them to turn up more frequently and spend more while they visit, McDonald’s aims to increase drive-thru speeds. During an investor briefing, the chain announced its plans for a better drive-thru experience. In the US, express lines for individuals placing digital orders ahead of … Read more

Donald Trump supporters plan massive protests

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump are planning to attend several rallies this weekend in Washington DC to oppose Joe Biden ‘s victory in the US election. This Saturday, November 14, MAGA supporters and other far-right organisations, including the Proud Boys, have vowed to come down to the city in support of Mr. Trump’s accusations … Read more

Urgent recall over doorbell that can catch fire

An urgent warning to Australian homeowners has been given by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about concerns that a common video doorbell sold nationally at several major retailers could catch fire. The Ring LLC Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) was recalled on Wednesday by the consumer watchdog after reports that the battery might overheat, posing … Read more

Zac Efron spotted at popular CBD bar

It’s a normal Wednesday night — you plan to go out for dinner and then go for a few drinks at a quiet bar. Standard, right? Not so much if you’ve been to Crybaby in Adelaide. At the iconic venue just off Hindley Street, Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron was apparently spotted putting back a pint. … Read more