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Young child loses mom, dad to COVID

This month, Raiden Gonzalez will turn 5 years old. His parents, though, will not be there to celebrate with him.

A four-year-old’s mother died of COVID-19 in October, a few months after the disease killed her father as well.

“He misses his mum since he was a mama’s boy,” his grandmother, Rozie Salinas, told NBC News on Saturday. “Just this morning he told me that he wishes he had his mum back and he just wanted her back.”

“I mean, what do I tell him? You know, so I just told him that they’re now angels watching over us and protecting us,” said Salinas, who was the mother of Mariah, Raiden’s mum.

Though still in mourning herself, Salinas wants to make the birthday of Raiden as bright as possible on Nov. 28. She came up with an idea for a drive-by celebration with her sister, which she said now looks like it’s going to be very huge.

“We have several truck clubs, bikers, Mustang clubs, classic cars, Jeep clubs, plus the fire department. It’s going to be a huge turnout,” she said.

The tragic family saga began when Raiden’s father’s co-worker, Adan, who worked as a truck driver, tested positive for the virus earlier this year, Salinas said.

After also testing positive on June 3, Adan was hospitalised a few days later. “Health care staff told the family that, Salinas said, “he was one of the two sickest at the hospital.

Weeks later, on June 26, he died at the age of 33.

Raiden’s mother, Mariah, 29, was still grieving about her husband’s death when she died unexpectedly on Oct. 5, just hours after Salin began to feel ill.

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