Two grandmothers took on the role as bridesmaids for their granddaughter’s wedding day

In her wedding, a New Zealand bride included the most lovable bridesmaids, asking her two nannies to follow her down the aisle.

Samantha Orange married Dan’s husband at an outdoor wedding this weekend in Masterton, near Wellington.

She asked to be bridesmaids for her beloved grandmothers, Margaret Orange, 93, and Janet Wilton, 85.

“It’s an honour, and it’s humbling too,” one of the lucky ladies told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp.

“It’s something I would have never, ever, expected to happen.”

It was the first time Janet had been a bridesmaid, while Margaret had done her job only once before.

Their granddaughter asked the two women to participate in her special day with gold-hearted cards containing the message: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

“I think that was one of my first thoughts when she gave us the card was ‘When is the wedding, November? Oh, I’ve got to stay alive until then’,” she told the publication.

They were both holding small bouquets consisting of white flowers.

Her nannas were described by the bride as “girlfriends before I knew what girlfriends were” and she said she didn’t ask anyone else to be part of her special day.

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