Birth Mum Makes Video For Her Newborn Son, Hours Before His Adoption

Adoption is never the easy way out. If one story is evidence of this, it’s Hannah Mongie’s.

At such a young age, her story of love and loss and her accompanying video, designed for her son, Tagg, are breaking hearts all over the world. Together, they explain just how selfless the adoption act really is.

Hannah wasn’t ready to raise a child at 18 years old. She was willing, however, to open her heart to her son and to a family who needed a child desperately.

Hannah created a video for her newborn in the final hours before handing her son over to his caring adoptive family.

‘This decision was made purely out of love for him’

Hannah focuses the camera on her lovely newborn son in the video, which was posted on Love What Matters and has gone viral since.

She shared her story as he moves about, sucking on her hand and a dummy, holding back the tears.

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