Baby zebra named ‘Hope’ dies at zoo after being startled by fireworks

After being frightened by fireworks ahead of the annual UK Bonfire Night festivities, an eight-month – old baby zebra died, a zoo in Bristol, England has said.

During the country’s first coronavirus lockdown in March, the zebra calf, named Hope, was born at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Southwest England, the zoo said in a statement.

Zoo personnel said that after being born “at a time that felt so hopeless,” the animal became “a source of positivity to our keepers and many of our visitors alike.”

But after being “spooked” by the sounds of fireworks from many nearby firework shows, the young zebra died last Wednesday, the zoo said.

In normal years, November 5-known as Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night-is celebrated by towns and cities around the United Kingdom with a bonfire party, complete with fireworks, on or near the day.

This year, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, most displays were postponed in the midst of a ban on celebrations, but many Britons set off fireworks in their own gardens.

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