Australia Post To Make Indigenous Nation Names Part Of The Official Addresses

Thanks to a campaign given a big boost in support by the Australia Post, Australians are about to get a lesson in First Nations place names.

Rachael McPhail, a Gomeroi local, had the idea of using the traditional place name on post items and started petitioning Australia Post for three key acts just two months ago.

“I wanted it to publicly support a campaign to include traditional place names in addresses and a general acknowledgement of country printed on all of its pre-paid packaging,” she said.

The Australia Post publicly supported the concept in a timely move during NAIDOC week.

It has made details available on its website about using a traditional place name in an address.

But it is Ms McPhail’s third request which she knows will be some time in the making.

“The third thing which is going to be the biggest part of this is to collate a comprehensive and accurate database of traditional place names that you can cross reference with post codes, but has been verified by elders in all the communities around Australia,” she said.

“The logistics of that project is going to be huge because there’s so many different countries, or nations, on this continent.

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