Aussie Pet Owners Who Abuse Animals to Face Prison Under New Laws

If NSW passes strict new animal cruelty legislation that will soon be presented to the State Parliament, convicted animal abusers will be barred from owning animals and possibly face six-figure penalties.

Penalties for aggravated animal abuse violations would rise fivefold to draw $110,000 fines under the new legislation, with a maximum penalty of up to two years in jail.

In order to attract $44,000 fines and up to 12 months in jail, punishments for routine acts of cruelty will be raised eightfold.

Fines would be trebled to $16,500 for neglecting an animal and failing to provide food and shelter.

Adam Marshall, Minister of Agriculture of NSW, aims to bring the “toughest set” of laws intended to soon target the “worst of the worst” to parliament.

“Cruelty towards animals is one of the lowest acts and for too long our penalties here in NSW have lagged behind where they need to be,” Mr Marshall said.

“In some cases, these punishments are more than double that in most other states, so when these laws are passed, NSW will have the toughest set of animal cruelty penalties in Australia.

“Everyone – from those neglecting their pet in the backyard to covert puppy factory grubs – should be on notice from today; do the right thing or face the consequences.”

If the laws are passed, the right to prohibit an offender from ever possessing, caring for or breeding any animal in the state will also be given to the courts.

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