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Victoria ” BACK TO NORMAL” After Travel Limits Removed

As Melbourne’s 25 km travel rule is abolished from midnight tonight and the “ring of steel” comes down, Victorians will be able to travel anywhere in the state.

The sweeping reforms are coming as Premier Daniel Andrews announced a raft of coronavirus restrictions will be relaxed this morning.

The cap on meetings would also be expanded under the changes.

The cap on the number of individuals permitted to use outdoor venues will increase to 40 individuals inside and 70 outside.

It would be possible to open gyms and indoor pools, as well as cinemas, public libraries, play areas, indoor skate parks, and museums.

At these locations, the indoor limit will be 20 individuals per site.

Faith gatherings will increase to 50 people outdoors and 20 inside with the same limits to apply for funerals.

  • The limit for private gatherings at homes will increased to 10 visitors
  • Hospitality caps will be increased to 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors, providing they are able to follow the one person per four square metre rule.
  • Gyms will go to 100 people with a maximum of 20 people in one class
  • Indoor pools will move to 50 people and no caps for outdoors
  • Weddings will be increased to 100 people
  • Cinemas and entertainment places will allow up to 100 people
“Today is a day to be optimistic. Today is a day to be proud as Victorians of what we have been able to achieve. There has been a lot of pain and hurt and there is a need for healing, for investment, for all sorts of repair,” Mr Andrews said.
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