Sydney Shop owner defends using the C word says it is Aussie slang

In order to welcome customers, a shop owner has staunchly justified using the C word because he claims it is part of Aussie slang and a term of affection.

In Auburn, west of Sydney, Fishing R Us greeted tourists with a poster reading ‘Ya Sic C###’ on its front door.

The store had colourful language, like WTF, plastered on its inside walls and its website describes its performance as a ‘rag to #SICC###story’.

The signs caused outrage with consumers calling to complain at a radio station and prompted the local council to order the removal of the signs.

As they said the signs had been up for years without protest, the pair was puzzled with sudden indignation.

The couple said the sign should not be taken too seriously by people as it is only a colloquial word mostly used by Australians.

‘The term is used as something you would call your mates and should not be seen as offensive’ Mr Tuameh said.

‘We removed the sign yesterday but it will 100% be put back up,’

The couple said there were more offensive shops that were inappropriate for children and that their slogans were just a bit of fun.

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