Beijing has threatened to inflict even more pain on the Australian economy unless actions it says are anti-Chinese stop

With Beijing accusing Australia of behaving like America’s “roughneck” and threatening to cause even more economic pain, the fallout between Australia and China is worsening unless it avoids so-called anti-Chinese behaviour.

Simon Birmingham, Trade Minister, said it was “disappointing” that China appeared to refuse to participate and that the “ball was very much in the court to China.”

But several exporters said that the harm had already been done this week with some wine firms stopping shipments to China?

Australia was a victim of the trade deal Donald Trump cut with China, which allowed China to purchase $200 billion more in US produce over two years, likely at the detriment of countries such as Australia. Senator Birmingham made suggestions.

Government sources speculated that Beijing’s escalation via the China Daily may be linked to the US election, in that China sent a message to the Biden administration about Australia cozying up.

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