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Aussie Police officers who shot dead rampaging stabber recognised for bravery

Two police officers who shot dead a FIFO employee in a Western Australia stabbing spree have been honoured for their bravery.

Ashley Fildes, 34, was carrying a knife and assaulted bystanders in May at the South Hedland Square shopping centre in South Hedland, in the northwest of the state.

Mr Fildes was fatally shot by Sergeants Mike Little and Michelle Cornwall, halting his rampage.

“It was really hard, mentally and physically,” Sergeant Cornwall said.
“Your body does react to that as well.”

Sergeant Little said the officers in the shopping centre had feared for their safety and the safety of the citizens.

Mother Kimberley Abbot, who was stabbed in the back while defending her baby daughter, was among those injured.

Truck driver Konrad Frost had his neck cut and Esther Brooks had her t-shirt sliced through.

The family of Mr. Fildes said that he had stopped taking his mental health medicine prior to the rampage, and they never blamed the police for their actions.

“They are trained to do a job and that’s the job they did,” Mr Fildes’ mother said.
“There is no blame at all, no anger.”
Sergeant Cornwall offered her sympathy to Mr Fildes’ family.
“It was an unfortunate and tragic event, and I can only imagine their loss that they’re feeling,” she said.
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