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Teen bride’s ‘vile’ admission after marrying 98-year-old

A teenage bride was slammed for marrying a dementia 89-year-old man for his money.

When her private messages to friends and a social media post were leaked after their wedding, the 19-year-old ‘s shameful motives became public.

The bride brags that she married the elderly man so that she will be “the only person who gets his inheritance,” one text reveals.

Another message on Twitter shows the teenager gloating that by the age of 30 she is “one day closer to being widowed.”

On Reddit and Facebook, pictures of the bride and her elderly groom, whose names have been blurred, have since gone viral.

As they pose for the camera, one snap shows the bride snuggling into the side of her new husband.

Another shows the couple smiling at their reception as they plan to cut their marriage cake.

The dementia patient’s wife and children are assumed to have all passed away , meaning there is no one left to question the actions of the woman.

Online users have slammed her:

“This is heartbreaking,” said one. “I hope someone steps in and has this marriage annulled.”

Added another: “She should be in prison.”

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