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Keep Bali ‘off limits until vaccine’:

The WA Premier says he still expects travel to Bali to be
off limits for some time, alerting the federal government against “rash” changes.
“We won’t hesitate to make (WA’s border arrangements) tougher if the health circumstances indicate we need to,” Premier Mark McGowan told reporters on Tuesday.
“If the commonwealth puts in place something rash, if they were to open up the travel bubble with a country that has COVID-19, we’d be prepared to put the hard border back in place.”

Earlier, the Premier said the “biggest threat” to Australia was the importation of the
virus from overseas and on Monday night he made similar remarks on Channel 7’s Flashpoint.

“I’m very, very careful about the international borders,” Mr McGowan said.

“I don’t want us to open international borders until we are very, very sure.

“I just say to the commonwealth government, do not open up the international borders until such time that it’s safe, and that would mean a vaccine.

“I just can’t see Bali being an option until there’s a vaccine.”

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