“You are putting everyone at risk”. Daniel Andrews Message To Shoppers

After scenes of shoppers flocking to Kmart stores after 15 weeks of lockout prompted concern, Victoria’s premier responded.

Restrictions were relaxed on Tuesday at midnight and hospitality venues were bustling with clients on Wednesday night.

Not all are, however, persuaded that COVID-19 security steps have been followed around the board.

Daniel Andrews says he’s disappointed by busy shopping and hospitality scenes, but doesn’t want a few companies to do the wrong thing to dissuade the state.

“I don’t want the non-compliance in some businesses to detract from the amazing performance in the vast majority,” he said.

“But I will say this – there are fines, they are significant and they will be levied.

“If you don’t do the right thing in your shop, whether you be a customer, worker or business owner, then you are putting everyone at risk.”

Images and videos uploaded on social media showed hundreds of Melburnians queuing on reach Kmart shops before midnight on Tuesday.

Massive crowds of shoppers were seen pulling trolleys at cash registers full of sales and lined up.

Andrews said he doesn’t think there’s a problem with under-policing, amid doubts, and encouraged those who see people doing the wrong thing to dob them in.

“It is true to say that we can’t literally have 100,000 people out there making sure these rules are followed,” he said.

“There will always be limits to how much enforcement activity we will have.

“You can call the coronavirus hotline and they can either direct you to someone or they would deal with the details you provide them and the appropriate person will be dispatched.”

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