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Queensland border to remain shut to Sydney and Victoria

With the exception of the Greater Sydney area, Queensland will reopen its border with NSW, amid rising pressure on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reopen the whole state.

Ms Palaszczuk said that residents in 32 local government areas ( LGAs) in Greater Sydney will continue to be prohibited from entering the state just a day away from the Queensland election.

For whatever reason, residents in the rest of NSW will be allowed to travel to Queensland from 1 a.m. on November 3, which is significantly moved back from the initial reopening date of November 1.

“That is to ensure that all the border passes that need to be renewed will be able to be renewed effectively and efficiently,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Dr Young said she was concerned Sydney is still experiencing mystery cases that could not be linked to known clusters.

“New South Wales put out an alert for six different sites across the city where they were concerned that transmission could have occurred,” she said.

“So based on that new information yesterday and the information up to that point, I believe it is important that Queensland remain closed to those 32 LGAs in Sydney.

“Outside those 32 LGAs (there) have not been any cases in the previous 28 days. So that is really good news and NSW has done exceptionally well.”

“They are the risk, they are the ones moving around,” she said.

“My concern was that there were four LGAs and then we had three cases and they had been to multiple LGAs. And then it becomes impossible to manage.

“So it really has to be a sensible geographical area because people do not live in LGAs — they cross out of those areas to other places and that is why you need to have a sensible geographic area.”

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