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Girl, 11, dies giving birth to baby fathered by ‘rapist’

An 11-year-old girl died after the premature birth of her daughter, after a 43-year-old man reportedly raped and impregnated her.

It’s alleged that Francinildo Moraes repeatedly raped Luana Costa, a Brazilian teen, before and during her pregnancy.

He was believed to have forced the minor to continue a sexual relationship with him, and investigators discovered photos of themselves posing as a happy couple.

When she had to be induced, Luana was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

She died on 27 October, four days after her birth.

Francinildo had persuaded Luana to have sex with him from the age of nine, according to the victim’s relatives.

Only after they noticed changes in her body and took her to see a doctor who revealed she was five months pregnant did Luana’s family members become aware of the sexual abuse.

Then the girl told the family of the alleged violence she had suffered for more than three years.

The man threatened the girl not to tell anybody, according to her father, and he carried out his crimes far from the family’s village.

Despite the illegality of their ‘relationship’, the perpetrator had posted hundreds of images of the couple on his social media accounts, indicating a seemingly affectionate bond between the two.

The police are searching for the suspect, who is now at large and may have fled.

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