Aussie Beach Lights Up With Incredible Blue Bioluminescence Waves

A video reveals stunning time-lapse footage of neon blue waves rolling into the shore caused by a remarkable natural occurrence from ‘out of this world.’

Amazing images show the brilliant blue waves, ignited by bioluminescence, as the night sea lights up.

On October 22nd at around 9 pm, the waves could be seen crashing on Spikey Beach in Tasmania, Australia.

Fortunately, there was an amateur photographer on hand to capture the entire thing on video.

Fergus Gregory discovered that it was just 10 minutes away from where he lives in Swansea that the natural light display took place and he did not skip it.

The 39-year-old spotted the waves crashing over the beach as he reached the shoreline and for the first time saw the unreal, bright blue effect.

Fergus said: “It truly was an out of this world experience. As soon as I pulled up in the car, I could see the ocean glowing.

“It truly is a magical experience to see with your own eyes. The waves were only about a metre high but they gave off such a bright light.

“I’ve seen the bioluminescence before but I’ll never tire of watching electric blue wavescrash against the beach. As soon as I heard it was happening, I had to jump in the car and go see it.

“I was just hoping there was still some blue glow and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I arrived. Even after three and a half hours I didn’t want to leave.

“I’m in between jobs currently so it has given me time to venture out and do some more photography, which worked out well this evening.”

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