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“THIRD WAVE” Wild Kmart scenes Leave People Speechless

Kmart shoppers who raced to Melbourne shops to mark the end of the state’s 15-week lockout have been blasted by opponents.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed hundreds of Melburnians queuing to visit Kmart stores before midnight on Tuesday.

Some posts show crazy scenes in some shops, with massive crowds of shoppers pulling trolleys full of purchases and lined up at cash registers.

Some Australians involved have shared their disbelief in the wild scenes, accusing the” foolish “shoppers of risking a” third wave.

“After 139 days locked away, Melburnians still haven’t learnt how to social distance,” said one. “Wave three is coming.”

Added user another: “The world is probably laughing at us, and why wouldn’t they? Look at these morons flocking to Kmart at midnight.

“Getting my surfboard ready because there’s a nice big third wave coming. Absolute clowns.”

Said a third: “As a Melburnian, the scenes I’ve seen this morning terrify me.

“All these stupid people who can’t even wear their damn mask properly are going to be the first ones carrying on like two-year-olds should a third wave hit and we go back into another lockdown.”

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