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Student positive to virus broke isolation to attend school in Melbourne

Hundreds of people are self-isolating in the north of Melbourne after an increasing outbreak of COVID-19 involving two schools.

Approximately 500 people are self-isolating in their homes from a “abundance of caution” around the metro area.

The outbreak has risen to six families, with a total of 36 people tested positive in the last few weeks.

Victoria ‘s test commander Jeroen Weimar said 73 close contacts had been found at East Preston Islamic College after a year 5 student, who was supposed to be self-isolating, had been tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The school was closed for deep cleaning, while students and teachers were isolated.

“Their households have all been asked and instructed to self-isolate and quarantine for the next 14 days,” he said.

“That is a total of around 400 people at this point in time who under our orders are primary or secondary contact and have been asked to isolate those two weeks.”

The cluster is thought to have been caused by a “confusion” of close contact quarantine regulations.

Close contact was also found at Dallas Brooks Primary School, which was also closed for deep cleaning and contact tracing.

Although a household in a collective housing block in Broadmeadows was also tested positive, another 120 people were isolated for 48 hours as a result.

Alternative housing options have been given to families so that they can quarantine securely and efficiently.

“We advised all of the residents of the block that we would like them to stay in their homes for the next 48 hours, to self-isolate and get tested,” Mr Weimar said.
“This timeframe allows for the department to ensure the community is aware of the situation, and for residents to get tested and get their results back before determining what the next steps are.”
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