OPEN BY CHRISTMAS: PM makes major border announcement

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has settled on a deal with the States to open borders for domestic travel by Christmas.

Speaking after the National Cabinet, the PM said that the initiative had been agreed by all states, with the exception of Western Australia.

“We agreed in principle with the reopening framework for Australia by Christmas,” Morrison said.

“By Christmas of this year, certainly seven of the eight states and territories will be open and you never know, it might be eight.”

Western Australia declined to participate in the programme, and Morrison argued that the rejection was based on economic considerations.

Morrison thanked the NSW government for its attempts to track COVID cases through contracts and said that the system will be the way forward.

“The work that we are doing with those tracing regimes is to ensure they do remain match fit,” Morrison said.

“So that if things were to occur, if there was an outbreak that we can move quickly so that out break can be contained.”

Caps in international arrivals would also be raised, and Morrison said he hoped that all 26,000 Australians still overseas will be home by Christmas.

Scott Morrison also praised Victoria for it’s effort to contain COVID.

”We’re very pleased that those numbers are now where they are and obviously that provides the opportunity to open up again,” Morrison said.

”I’m sure Victorians and particularly those in Melbourne would like to see that occur and understand the premier will make some further announcements this weekend.

”That’s a matter for him to do as he regularly has each week.”

“And so we’re obviously keen to see that opening up or whether been the hospitality sector or other parts of the economy and the shutdown in Melbourne has had, obviously, a terrible impact.”

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