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Victoria makes world history crushing second COVID wave

Melbourne has undergone one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world, and the end is in sight.

Debate will be going on for decades about what worked, whether it was was too long or whether the price was too high in terms of jobs or unemployment.

After 100 days confined to their homes and forced them not to leave for more than two hours of regular exercise – starting at an hour’s limit – the Victorians have endured a bleak life that few Australians outside the state can comprehend.

Experts who talked to agree they have, and outside of Singapore, it’s hard to think of any other city in the world that has done anything like that.

One of the nation’s most renowned epidemiologists, Dr. Catherine Bennett of Deakin University , told that she thinks what the Victorians have done is of international significance.

“The best comparison we found was Singapore,’’ she said.

“It’s the only one that’s really had a second wave and then brought it under control.

“They closed retail and all the rest. Although, they started releasing some of those restrictions earlier.”

“Melburnians should be absolutely proud of what they has achieved. We will know in the future, when we look back, more about what worked better and what we could have done better,’’ Prof Bennett told

“Those people on the ground, in healthcare and aged care, they bore the brunt of a lot of the divisive debates. I can’t think of anything harder than being a contact tracer doing a job as hard as anyone could and you’re hearing ‘it’s not good enough’. Get the politics out of it. Everyone deserves a massive congratulations.”

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