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Melbourne Cafe adds surcharge for Dan Andrews supporters buying coffees

The coffee shop in Melbourne’s southeast is charging Daniel Andrews backers an extra dollar for their coffee orders-but the owner maintains that the surcharge is not politically motivated.

Franz Madlener is the co-owner of Arcobar, Moorabbin.

Earlier this week, he put up a sign that reads, “Do you support Dan? Add $1 to your order.”

It goes on to state that his café has added a one dollar surcharge for those “who think Dan is doing a great job.”

However, he says that the sign is not anti-Dan Andrews, but rather a message against small businesses learning about coronavirus.

“Customers have been coming in every day and lecturing us about how lucky we are to be able to open,” Franz told

“They ask us ‘aren’t you grateful?’ and the answer is no.”

The hospitality industry was decimated by Victoria ‘s second lockdown, with Andrews pledging to ease the restrictions by 1 November.

Franz claims the surcharge is the equivalent of a “swear jar” for people who “think paying $3 for a coffee allows them to lecture us”

The first thought in the morning and the last at night is about the lockdown.

“It doesn’t lead to healthy banter, it’s vicious.”

He said the sign would have gone up , no matter which government was in power.

The cafe does not deliberately impose the surcharge, he said, and any money that went into the “swear jar” was split between the workers.

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