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Gym owner in Victoria opens in protest of Daniel Andrews’s COVID restrictions

Regional Victorian gym owner says he would open his doors in defiance of COVID-19, slamming restrictions placed by Daniel Andrews, the “lying premier.”

Steve Kiely, who runs CrossFit in Sale, says that the fitness industry was “singled out” as a risky environment.

In both the Victoria and Melbourne areas, outdoor boot camps for up to 10 participants are permitted as long as social distance standards are met.

The indoor sports centres, including gyms, fitness facilities and swimming pools, remain closed.

That, Kiely says, flies in the face of business owners who have taken measures to ensure that their industry is COVID-safe.

“You can have 40 people inside a business or a pub in regional Victoria,” he said in a video shared to Facebook.

“But the fitness industry doesn’t even get an opportunity to demonstrate that it can be safe.

“I have a 350sqm gym and I can’t even have one person inside my gym to train.

“We’re not allowed to even demonstrate that we can do this right.”

Kiely says the hard lockdown of the state is crippling the industry.

In protest, he would open his doors to business-and encouraged others to do the same.

“I feel like someone’s gotta take action… to show that we’re not gonna take this lying down,” he said.


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