Mom Horrified After Toddler Sends Nude Photo Of Her To Co-Workers & Clients

A mother-of-four was ‘mortified’ to learn out her baby had sent a picture of her bare bum to her phone contacts, including work colleagues and former uni classmates.

Emily Schmitt allowed Carsyn’s two-year – old daughter to play with her phone on Sunday while drying her hair, The Sun reported.

But as she stood naked, the 30-year-old was oblivious about the snap-happy kid taking naked shots at the bare back of her mother and sending them on Snapchat to different friends.

It wasn’t until a co-worker got a text saying ‘thanks for the nude’ that Emily’s heart began to race as she realised what her daughter was up to.

Little Carsyn sent 15 people, including former university colleagues, a work acquaintance, former clients and co-workers, with humiliating images.

Emily hurried to send out an apology when some reported that a photo of her ceiling and Carsyn’s foot had actually been sent, others revealed that they had seen her from the ‘back side’ totally naked.

Emily has now bravely shared her story to make people laugh-after taking comfort in the humiliating toddler tales of other parents.

“It’s so funny – this child of mine is wild. We just say she’s feral – she cannot be tamed.

“My parents own the real estate brokerage that I work for. To make matters even worse I walked in the next day and my dad, who’s the broker, was like ‘oh look, here comes the company porn star’.

“I was like ‘okay, I quit. I’m done’.

“It’s just a joke all round here and I thought it’s a dark, twisted world at the moment so sharing something on a Monday morning to make people laugh would help out.”

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