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Man Shot Dead In Sydney Earlier Today, Identified

The brother of Bassam Hamzy, a convicted murderer and member of the infamous ‘Brothers 4 Life’ crime gang, 9 News says, is a man shot dead on the streets of Sydney’s south-west.

Police have yet to confirm that the victim is Bassam ‘s brother, Mejid Hamzy.

The dead man was found at 7.30 a.m. in Condell Park with several bullet wounds, with police indicating that he was killed by two assassins.

The police suspect that the gunmen were waiting for the victim, and he was shot outside his house.

9News understands that Mr. Hamzy was shot on Simmat Avenue, and he stumbled to Curtin Place, where one of his other friends lived, and he collapsed and died there.

A strong police presence was seen in the area and the riot squad marched up and down the streets.

Bankstown Police NSW Police Superintendent Darren Sly said detectives are investigating the shooting and a burned-out car that might have been used by the assassins to escape.

“Two males were seen running from the location,” Superintendent Sly said, and the pair hopped inside a nearby vehicle.

“It would appear that those two males … have been waiting for the male to leave his house this morning.”

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