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Cancer patient diagnosed with COVID-19 at Royal Children’s Hospital

With a number of workers forced to self-isolate, a cancer patient has tested positive for coronavirus at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

The kid infected with COVID-19 is a boy in the Kookaburra Oncology Ward of the hospital.

The positive infection was confirmed on Friday by the Health and Human Services Department.

In a statement, the RCH confirmed that all staff working on the ward, along with current hospital families and anyone who may have been discharged since September 30, have been informed.

“”As contact tracing remains underway, staff already identified as close contacts of the patient are now undertaking the required testing and self-quarantine,” a statement read.

“Asymptomatic testing of other staff who have spent time on the ward, along with inpatients and their families, is underway. ”

How the child contracted the virus is unknown.

The parents of the boy are not considered to be positive.

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