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Legal win for pregnant Victorian woman arrested over anti-lockdown post

There has been a legal victory for the pregnant Victorian woman who was arrested for reportedly organising an anti-lockdown protest on social media.

Zoe-Lee Buhler was arrested in September, in front of her children, at her home in Miners Rest, northwest of Melbourne.

She was charged with incitement over a post on Facebook that allegedly urged others in Ballarat to protest against restrictions on COVID-19.

With seven conditions, the 28-year-old is on bail, but her lawyer successfully had all but two of those conditions dropped on Friday.

Buhler is also not permitted to post anything online that could enable anyone to violate the restrictions on lockdown and if she moves home, she must alert the police within 24 hours.

But now she can visit the CBD of Ballarat whenever she wants.

The altercation with police was captured by her boyfriend until she was handcuffed and arrested.

Buhler is scheduled to appear before the Court of Ballarat Magistrates on 25 January 2021.

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