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Virgin business class passengers offered “luxury” meals during flight

Virgin Australia was busted providing its business class passengers two-minute noodles, pushing the airline into an awkward explanation.

After paying out $2500 for a ticket, a passenger took to social media to protest about the budget meal offering, which can cost less than $2 a serve.

The post read: VA today’s two course offerings: Course 1-Red Wine, Coke no sugar & Snack Bar. Course 2-fantastic noodles.

The meal outraged frequent flyers, describing it as “appalling.”

Omg, “one follower wrote,” I thought this was a joke, but then realised it was actually on a plane.

“Omg that’s appalling. I know it’s “first world problems” but if you are paying for a premium product then you should receive a premium product,” added another.

“Wow, that was my ‘studying for final exams’ meal pack,” wrote another.

Some passengers have also had to carry their own snacks on-board after the troubled airline ran out of supplies, the West Australian reports.

The restricted onboard service was part of its strategy to reduce interactions between flight crew and passengers, a Virgin spokesperson said.

“This service includes a snack and drink for all guests across both cabins, and is designed to minimise contact between guests and crew,” they said.

“As travel demand begins to increase we are exploring the possibilities for our onboard business class offering, whilst continuing to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our guests and crew.

“We are also re-imagining what our onboard catering offer will be longer-term, and are looking forward to developing a new experience to suit customer needs.”

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