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18-Year-Old Aussie Says He Would Like to Find Work, but Has Had Difficulty Locking Down a Role

Due to the way he looks, a passionate teen punk rocker unable to find a job has undergone the ultimate transformation to see if it can make a difference in his job hunt.

Novak Daniels, 18, told A Current Affair that he obviously puts off employers with his love for dressing as a punk, but desperately wants a job.

“People stare at me; people look at me as if I’m going to hurt them,” Mr Daniels said.

“I’ve seen mothers hide their children away and I’m like I’m not going to hurt anyone.”

The teen said he started dressing up as a punk when he was about 12, and now he’s a social media sensation with 55,000 Tik Tok followers.

Two years ago, Mr. Daniels said the only job he had was working for his dad in a cafe, but he has since struggled to find employment in his home town of Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

When it comes to bosses, though the teen is used to turning heads, he said .

“People say they don’t want me in front of customers,” he said

The father of the teen punk is not surprised that his son gets ignored for work, but hopes that someone will give him a chance.

“Give him a go! Give everybody a go, you know, if they don’t perform today, it doesn’t matter if they can have a suit on and don’t perform, you’ve got to let them go.”

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