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Police Issues $21,476 Fine For Birthday Party Attendees in Melbourne

After partygoers were caught flouting Victoria’s tight COVID-19 restrictions, a birthday party cost guests a total of $21,476.

At a Bentleigh address in Melbourne’s south-east early this morning, Victoria Police received a party report.

They noticed a birthday with approximately 20 occupants not wearing masks or social distance when officers arrived.

Several individuals climbed and escaped onto the roofs of neighbouring businesses.

When they went down, four partygoers were found hiding on the roof of a neighbouring premises and received a fine.

Overall, the police reported that 13 persons were fined $1652.

During the last 24 hours, Victoria Police issued a total of 79 fines for violations of the COVID-19 rules.

There have been close to 2000 spot checks on individuals at homes, businesses and public places throughout the state.

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