Bride-to-be disappointed with online wedding dress that looked nothing like pictures

When you shop clothes online, it is always a bit of a gamble.

It also takes a very brave soul to buy something on the internet that is as valuable as a wedding dress.

And for one bride-to-be, unfortunately, the gamble didn’t pay off.

Meaghan Taylor said that when she got her delivery she was “blown away”-but not in a positive way.

Wish’s $100 dress was intended to be an elegant lace ball gown with a V-shape neckline.

Instead, as she put it on, the dress turned out to be unbelievably ill-fitting and even rode up her body.

Meaghan posted on Facebook a picture of herself in the dress along with the caption: “My face tells me exactly how I feel.”

“It looked nothing like the photo when I ordered it,” Taylor told the Daily Star.

“I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Meaghan also had to struggle to get a refund-the dress had to be returned in its original packaging.

But the bride-to-be had thrown out the package and sought a refund as her wedding was “ruined” by the outfit.

Meaghan is on a quest now to find a new dress before next summer ‘s big day.

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