‘My Fiancée Wants Us to Consummate Our Marriage in Front of Her Family’

A husband-to-be spoke of his disbelief after his fiancée shared her family’s “sex ritual” wedding night.

The man said his wife-to-be had told him that it was the custom of the bride and groom in her family to get married in the bed of her parents, with her family nearby.

She said that her parents and loved ones would rejoice and applaud them afterwards.

The woman said that a square would then be taken from the sheets and given to the future mother-in – law of her fiancé so that she could sew it into a “tapestry” broad family.

The man said he was very apprehensive about taking part in the controversial ritual when he posted his story on Reddit.

“A few nights ago, we were discussing wedding plans and thinking about places to go on our honeymoon (if COVID-19 clears up and we can travel by then),” the man, 23, wrote.

“My fiancée and I were brainstorming ideas when she tells me that we won’t need a bridal suite right away.

“Obviously I ask why (we’re getting married at a pretty nice hotel) and she says she’d like for us to stay at her parent’s house.

“I don’t really mind this – we’re trying to save money for a house deposit – but [my fiancée] seems like she has more to say so I push for why she wants it.

“She tells me there’s a really old tradition in her family on the wedding night.

“The husband and wife go into the master bedroom together and they are supposed to ‘consummate’ the marriage.

“The rest of the family are waiting outside the door so they can applaud them and cheer when they come out.

“Then a piece of the bedsheet is cut off and sewn into a big tapestry my fiancée’s mother owns.”

“I absolutely freaked and told her under no circumstances will I be doing that kind of thing in front of her whole family,” he said.

“I received a text from her mother telling me that I ‘don’t understand the importance of family and tradition’ yet, and this kind of tradition has been around longer than I’ve been alive.”

Reddit users were quick to side with the husband-to-be over the “disturbing” situation.

“This infuriates me. You’re a human being, you have right too, and in no way are you obliged to continue this sick tradition,” said one.

Added another: “A family sex blanket? That is so disturbing.”

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