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Dying dad Gary Ralph granted permission to isolate at home

After major surgery, a brain cancer patient with months to live and forced into hotel quarantine will now be permitted to isolate at home following a heart change by Queensland ‘s chief health officer.

It took an impassioned appeal to draw attention to the plight of brain cancer patient Gary Ralph and his wife Wendy and their struggle with Queensland Health from TV host and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

After the 71-year-old ‘s “life-extending” operation in Sydney, the Logan couple asked Queensland Health for an exemption so they could quarantine at home, in Brisbane.

Until Friday morning, it had denied their pleas.

Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer of Queensland, who has been away from media conferences for the past few days, resurfaced on Friday to reveal that the Ralphs could be isolated at home.

At the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Mr. Ralph was checked until he was given the all-clear to go home, provided he tested negative for coronavirus.

“I asked one of the doctors at the PA Hospital to go and assess him last night,” Dr Young told reporters on Friday.

“I’ve said he can quarantine at home and there are conditions on that. I’ve asked for an urgent COVID test to be done on him and his partner and we’re awaiting those results.

“If those are negative then we have organised an ambulance to assist him.”

Speaking on Friday morning today, Mrs. Ralph said there was “no justification except a political gain” for what she and her husband have been through since their journey to return home began.

“We’re not the only people. If Gary and I get a reprieve and we get to go home, I’m not going to stop this fight. Because they are messing with people’s lives,” Mrs Ralph said.

“It is not justified at all at this point.

“No one through this has told me why we don’t qualify… It doesn’t matter what source I went to, doesn’t matter who I spoke to in Queensland Health, I just kept getting the same result… It’s been hard to keep fighting because you get knocked back.”

“The Queensland government has affected our mental health greatly.”

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